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This website contains M G Vassanji's  i) list of books published; ii) biography; iii) contact information; iv) complete list of short stories, published articles, and lectures at various places; iv) informal thoughts about the books; and v) references to recent articles of interest. The biography provided here is accurate and relatively up to date.

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This website was updated November 1 2012.

Doubleday (Canada) 2012
Penguin (India) 2012
Knopf (U.S.A) 2013


"The past is ever present in MG Vassanji’s latest novel"
-- Robert J Wiersema, Globe & Mail. Oct. 5 2012

"MG Vassanji: Seeking identity while dodging pigeonholes"
-- Globe and Mail interview with John Barber. Oct. 27 2012

--"The history we carry with us" — In conversation with M. G. Vassanji, Dawn magazine.
--Recent interview in the literary magazine Wasafiri (Issue 66, June 2011)
--Extended E-conversation with Gaurav Desai of Tulane University, in Research in African Literatures, Fall 2011
--"The Trouble with KONY 2012." Maclean's, March 15, 2012.